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What is your leadership blind spot?

Are you running at full speed? Find out what might be holding you back from achieving your full potential. Let’s be realistic. An exploration of one’s strengths is inspiring, gratifying, and downright fulfilling.

But it is not your strengths that are the roadblock to success. It is that which you don’t know about yourself, your Blind Spot, that can impact getting:

  • that second interview
  • a promotion
  • a raise
  • the invite to join that committee or team
  • being seen as a leader

It is the thing(s) you are not seeing about you that might make others less interested in having you as a teammate, boss, or colleague.

A Blind Spot is a trait you have that only others see and you do not. That part of your personality you project into the world that might be a roadblock to your personal fulfillment in life and career. Discover how to identify the blind spots in you, and how to identify them in potential hires, co-workers, and friends.

Blind Spot #1: The Talker

In other words, I put the phone down, went out for a cup of coffee, came back, and you are still talking.

Sometimes a person that is enormously chatty can be charming. But in business scenarios, oftentimes it isn’t. In an interview, we always encourage the interviewee to be sure the conversation is a true exchange, with balanced listening along with sharing.

What if you talk so much that when people see you coming, they are afraid they will get stuck in a conversation with you, trapped, unclear how to escape? If over-talk is your Blind Spot, you don’t know that people are hiding when they see you coming down the hall. So, here are some questions to help you reveal The Talker Blind Spot:

  • Do you interrupt people a lot?
  • Do you like the sound of your own voice?
  • Do you believe your ideas need to be explained deeply and thoroughly?
  • Do you feel a desire to be heard?
  • Do you nervously talk to fill up space?
  • Do awkward silences make you feel like you are losing your mind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, talking too much may be your Blind Spot. Well provide some possible solutions in our forthcoming book of the same name. If you can stop talking long enough …

Laura Keller – Co-Founder and Recruiter, Pixie Dust

About Blind Spot

After 10 years of conducting executive recruitment interviews in the marketing and advertising world, Pixie Dust identified common Blind Spots that especially permeate the advertising world —but also business in general—where image counts. The first impression is critical, and keys to success go far beyond skill set.

Pixie Dust’s soon to be published book. Blind Spot, written by Co-Founder Laura Keller, is a compilation of 12 stories that each reveal a specific Blind Spot. Find out why your Blind Spot could be a hurdle to rising, and how to address it.