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From Advertising Age: Pixie Dust co-founder Ashley Mehbod weighs in on the corporate CCO role

Check out the below Advertising Age article  “The Chief Creative Job Has A Murky Future at Big Brands”. We are pleased to see Pixie Dust is included in this leadership conversation.

The Chief Creative Officer is experiencing an interesting metamorphosis. The role taps a corporate need, yet the CCO needs 100% support and must navigate often uncharted waters. Adding the CCO role at places like Best Buy, and for the first time at General Mills, is a signal that large corporations seek alignment and quality of the creative strategy and product. Yet, we have seen that the multi-faceted CCO role brings a long list of objectives: to create alignment, minimize cost, consolidate agency partners, influence the work at a high level, and be a valuable partner to an often short tenure CMO in matrixed organizations. We believe the role will continue to evolve, and the demand for a lead creative voice within corporate walls will continue to evolve and grow.