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What Is Dream Team?

Dream Team is a curated,  freelance, “plug and play” team to  solve your biggest marketing and communications problems. 
You need a focused special squad, without the politics, and a team with special talents you don't currently have in house. 
We provide a model for high impact, short-term engagements.

The Kinds of Projects We Tackle
  • New product launch
  • Brand strategy
  • Crisis communications
  • Campaign development
  • Media Strategy and connection planning
  • Marketing plan development
A Winning Talent Model With A Better Value Equation
  • A best in class team of thinkers + makers hand selected based  on skills and compatibility
  • High engagement teams with short-term commitment
  • Far better deliverables in less time
  • The fantasy team that develops game changing ideas
Ready for your Dream Team? 
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